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Back-end developer (1 person)
Your object-oriented PHP and MySQL skills are top-notch. You are passionate about new technologies and have already played or you’d love to play with server-side JavaScript and things called Node.js, Socket.io and you have at least some passion for social and big data. Obviously, if you have some experience with social APIs / REST / HTTP Streaming / Web sockets / OAuth and can tell us how’d you implement exponential backing-off (No! Don’t Google it now!) then you have some major bonus points.
On top of your PHP skills, you are comfortable with different frameworks like ZEND, CodeIgniter and YII. Templating engines are familiar to you and you are looking forward to get your hands dirty with NoSQL DBs, so you can expect to play with MongoDB or maybe even Redis.
When someone says Apache or nginx (yes we know that second “n” should be kind-of-reversed in Cyrillic script), you are happy and can’t wait to see what’s in it for you. That being said, you love Linux/GNU boxes and are not afraid to set them up or configure them when and if needed.
As a truly passionate person for our users you’ll keep and have their hopes and expectations in your mind when you’ll be tweaking the code and making sure that everything is as optimized, updated and running smoothly.

Lokacija rada: Zagreb

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Strani jezici: engleski
Računalna znanja: baze podataka i SQL, PHP, Javascript

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Send us your CV at zagreb@uxpassion.com and make sure you put the clear indication for which position you are applying! (Deadline 19.07.2013)