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Front-end developer (2 persons)
For you, number 5 is not just a number; it’s something that must always come coupled with HTML. And then CSS and JS as well. We expect that LESS or SASS are not just some strange sounding words but rather you can debate with us which one of those you’d use for the next project. Of course, you play nicely with different grid systems, jQuery and frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation.
Your love for responsive web and mobile design is as pure and clean as your code that’s based on web standards. Talking about standards – you are perfectly aware that different browsers have different implementations, and you are able to quickly and swiftly hack those challenges and build platform / browser independent solutions.
Of course, good part of great user experience comes from great performances. You’ll be able to optimize images, think about loading speed, rendering effects and make decisions if you are going to rely on CSS transitions and animations or you’d go JavaScript / jQuery way… And then you’ll like to have your production code nice, nifty and, you know the word, minified.
Ideally, Photoshop and to some extent Illustrator are not strangers to you, you are able to slice and prepare graphical assets and work closely with our creative. Retina-enabled assets? You don’t need even need to be told to make those; it’s part of your nice manners. Bonus points if you have some experience with PHP, WordPress, REST API, Node.js.

Lokacija rada: Zagreb

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Strani jezici: engleski
Računalna znanja: HTML, Javascript, CSS, jQuery

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Send us your CV at zagreb@uxpassion.com and make sure you put the clear indication for which position you are applying! (Deadline 19.07.2013.)